Docker coffee beans roasted in Hull by speciality coffee roaster The Blending Room

Docker Prepaid Monthly 12 months

Dark Chocolate, Berries & Caramelised Sweetness


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  • SCA Score 83.5
  • Producer Wagner Ferrero & Maria Vides
  • Altitude 1100 - 1800
  • Process Natural & Washed
  • Varietal Yellow Bourbon, Bourbon & Caturra
  • Location Minas Gerais & La Libertad

Roaster's Notes

This blend is designed for those people who enjoy a more developed coffee. That is, a coffee which feels fuller in the mouth, displays a less prominent acidity and has more traditional flavour characters. It's a classic coffee, intelligently executed.


Docker does exactly what the name suggests; be fit for those who work on the docks! Joke.

This blend is an intelligent attempt at roasting a coffee in a more traditional way. That is, to reduce acidity, increase body and caramelise sugars, whilst maintaining as little 'roast character' as possible. For those of you who want a well sourced, ethical coffee, with a 'classic' flavour profile, this is the one for you!

The current components are sourced from La Bolsa, Guatemala and Pantano, Brazil.

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