Jones espresso blend roasted speciality coffee in Hull East Yorkshire by coffee roasters The Blending Room

Jones Prepaid Fortnightly 3 months

Cherry, Hazelnut & Chocolate


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  • SCA Score 84
  • Producers Wagner Ferrero & Maria Vides
  • Altitude 1100 & 1800
  • Process Pulped Natural & Washed
  • Varietal Yellow Bourbon, Bourbon, Typica
  • Location Cerrado, Minas Gerais & La Libertad, Huehuetenango

Roaster's Notes

This is our expression of a modern, well balanced espresso blend. It's a blend that showcases sparkling acidity while cleverly balanced with a coffee that adds sweetness and body. Enjoy.


Jones is our seasonal espresso blend. The blend currently consists of 70% Brazil Fazenda Pantano Yellow Bourbon pulped natural and 30% Guatemala La Bolsa washed.

The Fazenda Pantano component brings body, structure and sweetness along with notes of hazelnut as well as a classic chocolate finish.

The Guatemala La Bolsa adds the sparkle to the cup with flavours of orange and peach.

Jones is designed to be a conventional but quirky espresso blend which showcases seasonally available coffee. The components of which will change on a rotation of roughly 4 months and can be found in most of our wholesale accounts. Why Jones? I am Welsh. Jones is a conventional Welsh name. This is a conventional(ish) espresso blend.

This espresso blend was developed on a traditional heat exchange single boiler Sanremo Zoe and dual boiler La Marzocco Linea classic. We would recommend the following recipe as a starting point:

Dose : 18 grams
Brew temperature : 93ºC
Brew time : 28-32 sec
Total Volume : approx 40ml
Brew weight : 33 - 40 grams
Water TDS : 150ppm

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