Dulces Suenos Decaffeinated

Dulces Suenos Decaffeinated

Orange, Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate


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  • SCA Score 83.5
  • Producer Dulces Suenos - Peru
  • Altitude 1650 - 1900
  • Process Sparkling Water
  • Varietal Mixed
  • Location Jaen, Cajamarca

Roaster's Notes

This is an incredibly versatile decaf coffee. It's suitable for all methods of brewing and will display characteristic flavour properties of fruits, chocolates and chocolate sweetness.


This lot is a blend of day lots from producers around the San Ignacio districts, which in this case are Chirinos, San Jose de Lourdes and Tabaconas. Producers in these areas pick and process their coffee themselves and usually dry the coffee on a lined patio. Coffee is generally fermented there for 24 - 36 hours and the main varieties grow are caturra, castillo and typica.

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