Espresso Machines

Sanremo Verona RS
The Blending Room is a distributor of Sanremo espresso machines in East Yorkshire.

As a coffee roaster focussed on speciality coffee, we needed to find an espresso machine manufacturer to complement our approach to coffee. We found such a manufacturer in Sanremo. As espresso machine sponsor to the UK Barista Championship for 6 years, Sanremo has grown in regard within the speciality coffee community. Their focus is to create stylish and beautiful machines that are both technically advanced whilst being easy to use and maintain and all at affordable prices.

We offer the full range of Sanremo espresso machines: from the compact and brilliant Zoe to the technical powerhouse that is the Verona RS. There is something in the range to suit the needs of all baristas and every business.

Contact us to find out more about the range of espresso machines and about how we can help with your cafe setup in East Yorkshire. Choose between outright or leased purchase on your coffee machine. Our flexible payment options make owning and operating a high quality espresso machine a reality for businesses of all sizes. We also provide full setup and servicing for Sanremo espresso machines.