Brew Guides 07.01.21

AeroPress Brew Guide


James Wilkins

What you will need

  • An AeroPress
  • Paper AeroPress filter
  • Coffee grinder or pre-ground coffee (finer than filter paper)
  • Scales
  • Stopwatch
  • Filtered or bottled water
  • A stirring device
  • A mug or decanter

Brew Instructions

  1. Begin bringing your filtered / bottled water to the desired temperature - 90 degrees Celsius
  2. Put the paper filter into the AeroPress cap and thoroughly rinse with hot water to remove any paper taints
  3. Weigh out 15grams of whole bean coffee and grind the coffee a bit finer than filter drip (or use your pre-ground coffee from us)
  4. Place your AeroPress in an inverted position onto your scales and pour in the ground coffee - tare the scales
  5. Start your timer and pour in enough water to cover the grinds - 100g
  6. Stir through to 20 seconds using the bundled paddle
  7. Pour in the remaing water to bring your total water weight to 225g
  8. Allow to stand through to 1:10 - fix filter cap whilst doing so
  9. At 1:10 invert the AeroPress onto your mug / decanter
  10. Plunge slowly through to 2:00
  11. Drink & enjoy!

The Aerobie AeroPress is a great platform to practice the intricacies of brewing good coffee. Do not be afraid to play around with your brew methods. The recipe above will help you on your journey.

Happy brewing!

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