Notices 10.06.21

Coffee by FRAYED Magazine


James Wilkins

Collaboration with FRAYED Magazine and Thieving Harry's

Jack from Thieving Harry's mentioned that FRAYED Magazine were interested in working together to produce a written and video piece on coffee in Hull. I was more than happy to take part in what was a fun interview by Luke Chambers and great shoot by Josh Moore I know that Jack, Thieving Harry's and I are aligned when it comes to our attempt in developing a coffee scene in the city. Josh is a great videographer and runs his brilliant Frayed Magazine project with the same ethos. In his own words; "Frayed Magazine is for those who love creativity in all its forms but long to know how and most importantly - why it exists." It's under this banner that the genesis of the theme lies: "Frayed takes you on a journey. A journey of nature, science and senses. From Roaster to Barista - this is the how, where and why. This is coffee."

I hope you enjoy Josh's creation. It was a privilege to be involved.

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