Notices 21.01.22

Monthly Subscriptions Shipped Weekly


James Wilkins

As we all get into the cadence of 2022, January at the BlendingRoom sees the introduction of the first improvement to our subscription coffee programme.

We now roast and dispatch coffee for our monthly subscribers every Wednesday. This alteration is an iterative move towards offering a weekly Roaster’s Choice subscription. One that will see us sourcing fifty two individual coffees per year - no small task!

An additional benefit to having a weekly dispatch of your monthly coffee, is that you receive your coffee closer to your original order date. Operating our last system was a nightmare in Excel spreadsheets and multiple open orders, something that was fraught with errors!

We are also continuing work behind the scenes to improve your overall experience with our subscription offering. This will include a better checkout experience, the option to change your products along with a more intuitive customer administration centre. Of course, we’re also working hard to iron out the software issues that we’re aware some of you are having.

As usual, if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the service, please get in touch.

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