Ethiopia Sidamo 2 Deri Kochi


Location – Sidamo district, Ethiopia
Mill – Kebel Woreda Deri Kochi
Altitude – 1950–2100m above sea level
Preparation – Washed, raised drying beds
Varietal – Heirloom
Producers – 500 farmers
Cupping Notes – Spicy, with tonnes of fruit on the nose, juicy acidity, black tea delicacy with hints of bergamot.




This coffee placed 4th in the Taste of Harvest competition held at the annual AFCA (African Fine Coffee Association) expo in Addis Ababa. It was also the highest placing Ethiopian coffee in the competition.
The coffee takes it name from a river in the local area, Deri Kochi. The 500 or so farmers harvest their crop on the border between Yirgacheffe and Hageremaryame provinces in the Sidamo region.
Once the only ripe cherries are hand picked, they are delivered to the mill where initial pulping takes place. A period of 18-24 hours fermenting in water then takes place to remove mucilage and then placed on raised drying beds. Dried parchment is then transported to Addis for milling prior to shipment.

Additional information

Weight 0.275 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 3.5 cm


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