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Plum. Cherry. Toffee.


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This year we have gone back to classic Blending Room Christmas coffee – fruit driven and boozy.

We have selected a coffee by Norma Iris Fiallos who owns San Rafael coffee farm in Honduras. Norma is one of the most innovative producers in the area, with a vast array of different varieties on her farm. We have selected a hybrid cultivar, Parainema. Parainema is developed by the Honduran Coffee Institute by selection of a Sarchimor cross between Villa Sarchi and East Timor hybrid. It is a dwarf varietal with high yield potential and shows some degree of resistance to diseases whilst also having an excellent cup quality potential when grown in the right conditions and with appropriate farm management.

I have really enjoyed roasting our first batches of this coffee. It does everything that’s asked of it whilst in the roaster. This helps me develop really great clarity in the cup, an attribute that allows Norma’s fine work at farm level to shine. Expect to taste notes of plum, cherry and red fruits that has a toffee like finish and lovely boozy notes on the nose.


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