Tanzania Hope AB


Prune like aromatics with a gooseberry acidity and syrupy, molasses sweetness.


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Location – Ileje, Mbeya, South Western Tanzania
Altitude – 1200 – 2000 masl
Preparation – Washed
Varietal – Bourbon, Kent
The Hope project is based in the Ileje region of Mbeya, which the largest production area of Tanzanian arabica. The Ileje district is more mountainous than the rest of Mbeya, and coffee farming provides useful protection from erosion. Production in the region is divided into three categories – small holder processed (hand-pulped), smallholder processed at central pulperies (CPU’s) and estate coffees. CPU’s were re-introduced into the region in 2003, and it is from these 23 CPU’s that the Hope project coffees hail.

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